We have years of experience in offering a wide range of services in the scope of protection of industrial and intellectual property in, among others, the following industries:

- Industrial Automation
- construction
- chemical
- electronic
- electrical installation
- mechanical
- telecommunication
- food industry
- advertising

We cooperate with business entities and law firms in many countries, including

Czech Republic
United States

The number of companies that we provide our comprehensive services to under powers of attorney granted to us is constantly increasing.

We offer comprehensive assistance in obtaining protection in Poland and abroad:
Utility models
Industrial designs
Integrated circuits topography

We conduct search in the scope of
Patent purity
Registrability of marks as trademarks

We will be happy to advise you how to protect your ideas so that they bring economic results.

We will help new businesses in selection of a trademark as a company logo and for those who already have one we will assist in obtaining rights to further trademarks.

We conduct infringement claims proceedings concerning exclusive rights, copyrights and fighting unfair competition.

We evaluate intangible assets.

We prepare draft agreements, including: license agreements, know-how, assignment of rights.

We will act on your behalf before the Patent Office and common courts in the scope of industrial property rights.

We cooperate with law firms, advertising agencies and a translation agency.

Do you know, that

A bicycle prototype was created by Leonardo da Vinci around 1500. It had two equally-sized wheels, pedals, handlebars, a saddle and a chain. A sketch of the prototype survived to our times, but the bike itself never went beyond this stage as the great genius lost to abysmal road conditions of his time. The first operational bicycle was constructed by Karl Drais of Karlsruhe in 1813, and originally had four wheels. In 1817 Drais decided to remove two wheels, and his machine became a two-wheeled bicycle in effect. Yet it had no pedals, so it was not so perfect as the one created by Leonardo da Vinci.