we represent clients in application and registration proceedings before the Patent Office covering in particular: obtaining and maintaining rights relating to industrial property objects, in particular to trademarks, geographical indications, industrial designs, utility models, integrated circuits topography and inventions;

we conduct negotiations on behalf of the party and develop agreements on industrial property rights, including: assignment agreements, licensing agreements for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications, integrated circuits topography, as well as rules for trademarks and legal opinions;

we conduct searches in scientific literature and in databases and registers of industrial property rights;

we advise in the scope of protection of industrial and intellectual property against competition and in particular against unfair competition;

we determine legal status of the granted patents, protection rights for utility models, protection rights for trademarks, rights from the registration of industrial designs;

we advise how to protect technical, commercial and organizational secrets (know-how) in a company;

we advise and conduct patent searches concerning determination of prior art for specified technical solutions being the subject of construction developments;

we advise and carry out tests for patentability, protective capabilities for the solutions that are to be protected in Poland and abroad;

we advise and carry out tests for registrability of trademarks that are to be protected in Poland and abroad;

we advise and conduct cases for declaring the right to use a mark registered as trademark as part of local business activity for the benefit of another person;

we advise on matters of geographical indication of goods;

we advise on matters of transfer of patent, protection right to a utility model or the right from the registration of an industrial design or integrated circuits topography obtained by an unauthorized person;

we represent clients in proceedings before judicial authorities in matters in the scope of industrial property rights and competition law and in contentious proceedings before the Patent Office covering in particular the cases of: invalidation of a patent, protection right or right from registration, declaration of expiry of a patent, protection right or right from registration, granting a compulsory license or changing a decision to grant a compulsory license, declaration of groundlessnes of a change to the terms of use of geographical indication;

we conduct cases before the Supreme Administrative Court in cases concluded by a final and binding decision of the Patent Office which closes the proceedings in cases of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, integrated circuits topography;

we advise and conduct infringement cases concerning a patent, protection right for a utility model, protection right for a trademark and the right from registration of an industrial design before the Patent Office and courts;

we advise on copyright law matters, in particular the right to graphic works, industrial designs, computer programs;

we advise and conduct matters in dispute concerning unfair competition involving patents, protection rights and the rights from registration;

we provide legal assistance in the event of accusations and claims filed by companies for infringement of their rights;

we draw up opinions on all matters concerning protection of industrial property.

Do you know, that

Gennady Ivanovich Shipov formulated his vacuum theory several years ago. Officially, the theory is considered to be nothing but rubbish since perpetual motion machines do not exist. Still, the theory works in practice, and it is used for constructing unusual machines, whose principles of operation defy the laws of physics, with energy conversion efficiency ratios ranging from 300 to 500% (the acknowledged laws of physics say these ratios cannot exceed 100%). It is said that a flying object referred to as “the earthly UFO” by Shipov himself has been constructed based on his theory. The object is believed to not use the jet force to fly...