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Anna Drozd, MSc. Eng. European Patent Attorney

MGR INŻ. ANNA DROZD, POLSKI I EUROPEJSKI RZECZNIK PATENTOWY Anna Drozd is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology.

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Magdalena Heyck, M.A. European Patent Attorney

MGR MAGDALENA HEYCK, POLSKI I EUROPEJSKI RZECZNIK PATENTOWY, BIEGŁY SĄDOWY Z ZAKRESU PRAWA WŁASNOŚCI PRZEMYSŁOWEJ PRZY SĄDZIE OKRĘGOWYM WE WROCŁAWIU In 1998 Magdalena Heyck graduated from the Faculty of National Economy majoring in Finance and Banking at Wrocław University of Economics.

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Do you know, that

AUTOCHROME – in 1903 the Lumiere Brothers developed the first coloured transparent image by applying three different colours and mixing them on a photosensitive glass plate. The brothers were also pioneers in making the “moving pictures”. Their first movie portraying a fictional story (‘The Sprinkled Sprinkler’) features a gardener splashed in the face with water from a hose.