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Anna Drozd, MSc. Eng. European Patent Attorney

MGR INŻ. ANNA DROZD, POLSKI I EUROPEJSKI RZECZNIK PATENTOWY Anna Drozd is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology.

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Magdalena Heyck, M.A. European Patent Attorney

MGR MAGDALENA HEYCK, POLSKI I EUROPEJSKI RZECZNIK PATENTOWY, BIEGŁY SĄDOWY Z ZAKRESU PRAWA WŁASNOŚCI PRZEMYSŁOWEJ PRZY SĄDZIE OKRĘGOWYM WE WROCŁAWIU In 1998 Magdalena Heyck graduated from the Faculty of National Economy majoring in Finance and Banking at Wrocław University of Economics.

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Do you know, that

A certain regularity of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) structure was discovered by a female scientist, Rosalind Elsie Franklin, in 1952. Her painstaking labour laid foundations for modern studies of genome. However, as a scientist who could not boast any achievement, Franklin was lacking authority, and could not push herself through. The results of her studies were used by biochemists Dewey Watson and Francis Crick, who completed her work and signed the results with their names. They received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1962. Rosalind Elsie Franklin stayed in the shadow until the end.