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Our law firm was founded in 1997. We are European patent attorneys, we carry out extensive activities in the scope of protection of intellectual and industrial property.

We provide services in the scope of protection of industrial property which includes inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications and integrated circuits. We also provide services in the scope of competition law and copyright law .

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Anaesthesia was first used in 1846. American dentist William Morton applied an ether anaesthetic to a patient before pulling his tooth out. Before ether, nitrous oxide known as laughing gas had been used since 1799, owing to British chemist and inventor Sir Humphry Davy. Chloroform was discovered in 1832. In 1885 William S. Halsted administered a local anaesthetic for the first time by injecting cocaine solution into a nerve. Year 1898 saw the first surgery under spinal anaesthesia performed by German surgeon August Bier, who injected cocaine into a patient’s spinal cord.